Drew Foam manufactures foam for use in a variety of insulation applications. Our insulation products are made from an environmentally sound, closed cell, polystyrene foam and are custom cut to each order. Both EPS and Neopor can be used to meet the new building code requirements. ASTM C578 Spec Sheet

Below is an overview of EPSA foam Insulation applications:

Perimeter Insulation

With EPS and Neopor you can select the strength and thickness of perimeter insulation to meet any construction project's loading and thermal requirements.

Sub Slab Insulation

EPS and Neopor are effective thermal insulation materials for on-grade concrete floors and can substantially reduce downward heat loss and increase thermal slab capacity.

Exterior Foundation Walls

Attach EPS or Neopor with a spot adhesive. If foam is exposed above grade, use a suitable protective exterior coating. Foam provides effective protection to your waterproofing layer.

Interior Foundation Walls

Both EPS and Neopor can be used for heated crawl spaces and basement areas.

Exterior Sheathing

EPS and Neopor can be used as exterior insulation sheathing under siding or other applications with the option of laminating foil or poly to the foam, and can be produced in both sheet form and fanfold. Foam sheathing can be used in commercial, residential, or retrofit construction.

Exterior Insulation Finish Systems

Drew is an approved manufacturer of EIFS foam and is third party inspected and approved by nationally recognized RADCO.

Cavity Wall

Both EPS and Neopor provide high thermal performance and resistance to moisture. Because they are both easily fabricated, our products can be cut custom for each specific job, saving time and money.

Climate Controlled Shipping

Because EPS and Neopor both have excellent R-values, they can be used to ship climate controlled products by lining boxes with foam.

EPS Roofing Insulation

EPS Roofing Insulation provides excellent r-values and low water absorption at an inexpensive cost, saving both energy and money. These products include: taper systems, recovery board, fanfold, flute fill, nail base, holey board, and single ply membrane systems.


Drew now produces a new foam called Neopor with even higher r-values then EPS. Neopor is produced by adding graphite to EPS's raw material, therefore increasing the r-value. Neopor matches XPS r-values and compression strengths with no harmful blowing agents and no degradation of r-value. Neopor Specs and SDS Sheet

Additional Information

Drew also has the capability of adding borate to it's Insulation foam to make it termite resistant. Termite Resistance - Borate SDS Sheet

In all of these insulation applications, Drew Foam is able to customize the product around the needs of its customers.

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