Fanfold Roof Recovery Board

Our Super Drew Fanfold Roof Recovery Board is great for insulation under metal roofs.  A fanfold design helps the recovery board to lie flat. The core material is expanded polystyrene, or EPS, and the facing options are clear poly/clear poly, clear poly/reflective poly, or reflective poly/reflective poly. The reflective facer helps to improve energy efficiency.

Super Drew Fanfold Roof Recovery Board is lightweight and easy to handle. It takes minimal time to install and is optimized to lay flat because of cut hinges and fanfold design. The Recovery Board has 1 mil facers standard, but it is also available in 3 mil for PVC membranes. Specifications are as follows:

  • R – Value @75 degrees ¼” R- .96, 3/8” R-1.44, ½” R-1.92, ¾” R 2.9, 1” R- 3.9
  • Add R-2.1 for Reflective facer- w/ ¾” dead airspace as per ASHRE design guides
  • Standard densities 1#, 1.25#, 1.5# 2’ x 4’ bundle (192 sq ft – per bundle)

If you think that our fanfold recovery board may be perfect for your next roofing project, give our experts at Drew Foam a call today!

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