Drew Foam can fabricate EPS into shapes that will enhance the interior and exterior of any project. If you can dream it, Drew Foam can help you design it. From keystones to columns to letters, let us help you add that special touch to your next project. Shapes are available in plain EPS, or we can apply a base coat for you at our base coat facility.

Drew Foam accepts no liability on the architecture, engineering or workmanship of any job. Any specific design requirements should be preapred by a design professional. Design is not the responsibility of Drew Foam. The designer is responsible for all decisions pertaining to design, detail capability, attachments, shop drawings, etc. Drew Foam is not liable for any errors in these areas.

Base coated stock items (13)

Flat Bands 1x4

Flat Bands 1x6

Flat Bands 1.5x4

Flat Bands 1.5x6

French Mold

Crown Mold

Curve Mold

Double Hump

3 Hump Mold

Oster Crown

P Mold Large

P Mold Small

Window Sill

Shapes (92)

DFM-052SB Starter Board

DFM-053T Trim

DFM-054T Trim

DFM-055T Trim

DFM-056H Headboard

DFM-057F Frieseboard

DFM-057F Trim

DFM-058S Sill

DFM-059S Sill

DFM-060S Sill

DFM-060T Trim

DFM-062F Frieseboard

DFM-062T Trim

DFM-064F Frieseboard

DFM-065F Frieseboard

DFM-065T Trim

DFM-066F Frieseboard

DFM-066H Headboard

DFM-067T Trim

DFM-068T Trim

DFM-069C Cornice

DFM-069F Frieseboard

DFM-070T Trim

DFM-071H Headboard

DFM-072H Headboard

DFM-073H Headboard

DFM-074S Sill

DFM-075H Headboard

DFM-076F Frieseboard

DFM-077F Frieseboard

DFM-077H Headboard

DFM-078S Sill

DFM-079B Band

DFM-080B Band

DFM-081C Cornice

DFM-081S Sill

DFM-082C Cornice

DFM-083S Sill

DFM-084S Sill

DFM-085S Sill

DFM-086H Headboard

DFM-087B Band

DFM-088F Frieseboard

DFM-089B Band

DFM-090B Band

DFM-091T Trim

DFM-092S Sill

DFM-093S Sill

DFM-096H Headboard

DFM-097H Headboard

DFM-098T Trim

DFM-099H Headboard

DFM-100BR Bracket

DFM-101S Sill

DFM-102S Sill

DFM-103F Frieseboard

DFM-104F Frieseboard

DFM-105F Frieseboard

DFM-106S Sill

DFM-107F Frieseboard

DFM-108F Frieseboard

DFM-108H Headboard

DFM-109T Trim

DFM-110C Cornice

DFM-111C Cornice

DFM-112F Frieseboard

DFM-113H Headboard

DFM-114F Frieseboard

DFM-115C Cornice

DFM-116C Cornice

DFM-117B Band

DFM-118S Sill

DFM-119B Band

DFM-120S Sill

DFM-121F Frieseboard

DFM-122H Headboard

DFM-123F Frieseboard

DFM-124F Frieseboard

DFM-125H Headboard

DFM-126C Cornice

DFM-127F Frieseboard

DFM-127S Sill

DFM-128F Frieseboard

DFM-129T Trim

DFM-130T Trim

DFM-131S Sill

DFM-133SC Starter Corner

DFM-134SC Starter Corner

DFM-BQ Beveled Quion

DFM-KEY1 Double Keystone

DFM-KEY2 Single Keystone

DFM-PQ Plain Quion

Columns (11)

DC-1 Straight

DC-2 Coke Bottle

DC-3 Pot Belly

DC-4 Flutted

DC-5 Tapered

Model Half Column

Model Round Column

Model Round Flutes

Model Solid Column

Model Square Column

Model Square Flutes

Stock items basecoated (16)

Flat Bands 1

Flat Bands 2

Flat Bands 3

Flat Bands 4

Crown Mold

French Curve

Large P Mold

Small P Mold

3 Hump Trim

Curve Mold

Double Hump

Window Sill

Fleurs De Lis



Oster Crown

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