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Drew Foam's expanded polystyrene (EPS) is an innovative building material that has a wide variety of applications in construction. Since the 1960s, EPS foam has been recognized as a mainstream insulation material, however over the past decade, many new applications have been developed. Now, EPS is a powerful design element and an ideal choice for green building goals offering environmental advantages that also maximize energy efficiency.

Drew Foam's Building Products are used in the following applications:


Drew Foam's EPS roofing insulation can be used in most roofing systems providing cost effective and consistent thermal performance. EPS offers measurable energy savings, long-term R-value, effective water resistance, dimensional stability, and strength when properly installed and protected from moisture. These systems may include flat and/or tapered foam insulation for use in traditional built-up assemblies and most single ply membrane systems.


The stucco-like appearance of Exterior Insulating and Finish Systems (EIFS) provides commercial buildings high curb appeal, broad design and color flexibility, low maintenance, high durability, and increased energy efficiency. Drew Foam has been a leader in this market providing both age board and shapes for many commercial and residential job sites. To ensure Drew Foam is meeting the proper EIFS specifications for foam, we are third party certified by Radco, the industry standard. Drew also cuts and supplies many Architectural shapes to these projects. Click the link below for examples.

Below Grade Foundation

Drew Foam's EPS insulation for foundations and floors below grade has continued to grow in popularity. EPS insulation is an effective product for conserving heat in the cold and cool in the heat. EPS is lightweight, easily handled, and is custom cut to meet the needs of each application. EPS also does not support bacteria growth and will not decay over time, and is available in many compressive strengths,

Exterior Sheathing

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