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Drew Foam has been molding and fabricating EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) since 1965. We are dedicated to providing our customers with cost effective EPS solutions. The Drew Foam team takes great pride for its decades of providing outstanding customer service, creative designs, cost effective solutions, just in time delivery  and in-house engineering.

Drew Foam is a full service EPS block molding company with three plants to serve its customers. Already manufacturing over 16,000 specialty items, we can design and manufacture to most any specification or need. We are specialists in assisting packaging, construction (new, renovation and maintenance) and other industries with expanded polystyrene, expanded polystyrene foam, EPS foam packaging, Extruded Polystyrene Insulation, geofoam and much more.  We deploy our own fleet of trucks and drivers, assuring quality and timeliness from our factory to the customer.

EPS packaging items are fabricated, cut, glued or routed to fit our customer’s needs. Foam with PSA glue is available. Let us design a poly-lam product to stop abrasiveness and to add flexibility to your packaging pack.

Whether you are looking for roof insulation or wall insulation, packaging solutions, Geofoam, rigid foam, EIFS, architectural shapes, or other construction products, Drew Foam has it all.

Manufacturing Process

EPS is supplied to block molders in the form of a polystyrene bead. EPS beads have the consistency of white sugar in its raw state, and are expanded via application of precise temperature and pressure settings in a large block mold to produce a “log” some 24 feet long. The log is then cut into specific dimensions desired by the customer using computer-directed hot wire equipment. Most of Drew Foam’s packaging customers supply designs on a CAD file, and we have the capability to transmit CAD files via the internet. However, Drew Foam’s in-house Design Group can develop a manufacturable packaging build from a rudimentary diagram. The Design Group is also capable of working with our packaging customers to reduce manufacturing costs in our process - and their own. The shock absorbing properties and other qualities of EPS foam, combined with its low-cost, low weight ratio, high insulating properties, custom fabrication capabilities and ease of processing make it a popular packaging material.


Recycling is not always easy, however Drew Foam is able to recycle 100% of all waste produced during manufacturing. By grinding up the left over scrap and mixing it with raw material, Drew Foam is able to produce a lower grade foam that can be used for a multitude of applications. EPS recycling programs vary from organization to organization but all demonstrate a commitment to the environment and to sound business practices.The basic goal of our EPS: Think Recycling program is to provide a realistic look at EPS recycling and solutions. The decision to implement an EPS recycling program should be based on sound economic and environmental considerations. If you decide that an EPS recycling program makes sense, this manual will help determine what form it should take, as well as offer specific guidelines to help the program run efficiently.A dedicated, single-stream EPS recycling program is described in this manual, but the same steps can be used to incorporate EPS into an organization’s existing recycling program. The four basic steps critical to implementing a successful polystyrene recycling program are:

  • Estimate the Amount of EPS
  • Find a Recycler
  • Design a Program
  • Educate Participants

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For over 50 years,

Drew Foam has prided ourselves on customer service, providing quality products while exceeding customers expectations and meeting their needs. Whether you are looking for our EPS foam packaging products, insulation, construction materials, or OEM applications, Drew Foam can help.

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