EPS Sustainability, Did You Know?

SustainabilityGrowing New IdeasThe EPS industry is committed to sustainability through innovation. Our industry demonstrates this dedication through lean manufacturing processes, a comprehensive recyc...
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EPS Foam Blocks

Foam density is a key consideration when bidding on a geofoam project. Achieving the minimum density in a geofoam specification is not a guarantee that other physical property requirements will be met...
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What is R-Value?

R-Values ASTM C578 Physical Properties of EPSDefining R-valueDuring the 1970s demand for quality building insulation soared, when an oil crisis sent heating and cooling costs skyward. With many new p...
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Foil or Poly? What?

Foil or Poly Laminate Exterior SheathingFor your green building project, you need foil or poly laminate exterior sheathing. This material is energy-efficient and will help your home stay cooler with...
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Roof Protection with Flute Fill

Flute Fill for Metal Roof DecksWhen you have a metal roof deck, then you have a structurally sound due to its a ribbed profile. These ribs naturally have gaps (called “flutes”) that need to be fille...
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