New and Retrofit Construction Exterior Sheathing

New and Retrofit Construction Exterior Sheathing

For adding strength, insulation, and to provide a surface for siding, exterior sheathing for new and retrofit construction is a must.

Wood panels are common, but more often, builders are using a combination of wood panels and rigid foam. This application provides superior insulation, as it eliminates the “thermal bridge” that allows heat and air to escape along the studs.

Your Best Option is Exterior Sheathing for New and Retrofit Construction

New construction especially benefits from this material. It’s incredibly easy to handle and can be cut to specifications on-site with no special tools. In fact, a simple utility knife will usually do the job well.

Plus, exterior sheathing using both wood panels and rigid foam provides structural integrity and insulation. These are two benefits that either material can’t do on their own.

In short, for new and retrofit construction, exterior sheathing of this quality is the best option.

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