New Construction... what to do...

New Construction... what to do...

New and Retrofit Construction

Every construction project is about delivering an efficient and economical result in the shortest time frame.

Some projects work best when everything is built anew, while other projects can take advantage of existing structures. Choosing between new construction and retrofit construction depends on the property, time frame, costs, and end goal.

What is New Construction? What is Retrofit Construction?

New construction involves erecting a structure without any pre-existing parts. New construction projects take place in empty, open areas and the projects are handled from the bottom up.

Retrofit construction involves adapting existing structures to the needs of a current project. This means keeping the basic frame, but altering certain exterior aspects. Builders may choose to reinsulate using exterior sheathing geofoam. They may also choose to rework large portions of the interior, including the room layout.

Which is the Better Option?

Both new and retrofit construction have their advantages. If a building is compatible with the project in multiple ways, it may be worth it to retrofit the other parts instead of tearing the whole thing down and starting from scratch. If the project requires an entirely different structure, new construction is a better option.

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