The Highway Clover Leaf...

The Highway Clover Leaf...

Geofoam Highway Clover Leaves

Complex architectural projects challenge builders to think creatively, and to use materials that match up with what they’re trying to accomplish.

For complex highway systems with roundabouts or multiple curved exits leading to other busy highways, stability and longevity are vital. Geofoam is a material that can be used to create highway clover leaves and ensure these designs are safe and efficient.

Why Geofoam for Highway Clover Leaves?

Highway clover leaves are a somewhat unconventional type of roadway, usually reserved for busy areas where multiple exits and high-traffic areas are packed closely together.

The unique design of clover leaves means the ground may not be designed to support them. The curvature of the roads is also a challenge, as engineers must ensure the road has proper support even as it descends or ascends at an angle.

Geofoam is a material useful for insulating and supporting high-impact structures like highway clover leaves. Due to its durable nature, geofoam can resist wear and tear, and it can hold up against weather damage and a large amount of weight.

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