Geofoam Applications: Take A Look!

Geofoam Applications: Take A Look!

Slope stabilization


Main article: Slope stability

Slope stabilization is the use of geofoam in order to reduce the mass and gravitational force in an area that may be subject to failure, such as a landslide. Geofoam is up to 50 times lighter than other traditional fills with similar compressive strengths. This allows geofoam to maximize the available right-of-way on an embankment. Geofoam's light weight and ease of installation reduces construction time and labor costs.


Main article: Embankment (transportation)

Embankments using geofoam allow for a great reduction in necessary side slopes compared to typical fills. Reducing the side slope of the embankment can increase the usable space on either side. These embankments can also be built upon soils affected by differential settlement without being affected. Maintenance costs associated with geofoam embankments are significantly lower when compared to embankments using natural soil.

Retaining structures

Geofoam used in retaining wall

Main article: Retaining wall

Using geofoam for retaining structures provides a reduction in lateral pressure as well as preventing settlement and improving waterproofing. Geofoam's light weight will reduce the lateral force on a retaining wall or abutment. It is important to install a draining system under the geofoam to prevent problems with built-up hydrostatic pressure or buoyancy.

Utility protection

Utility Protection is possible by using geofoam to reduce the vertical stresses on pipes and other sensitive utilities. Reducing the weight on top of a utility by using geofoam instead of a typical soil prevents utilities from potential issues, such as collapses.

Pavement insulation

Pavement insulation is the use of geofoam under pavement where pavement thickness can be controlled by frost heave conditions. Using geofoam as a sub-grade insulation element will decrease this differential thickness. Geofoam is 98% air by volume, making it an effective thermal insulator. Proper installation of geofoam is especially important as gaps between geofoam blocks will work against geofoam's insulating effects.

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